Josh Gad and Jimmy Fallon’s Beauty and the Beast Duet Is Epic

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Josh Gad and Jimmy Fallon are no strangers to comedy, but this skit may top them all.

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Although Ariana Grande and John Legend killed the “Beauty and the Beast” duet, Josh Gad and Jimmy Fallon showed us another way to deliver a successful collab. On Tuesday night, Josh Gad visited The Tonight Show to play a little game called “Box of Microphones” with Fallon. Each microphone was loaded with a special effect that added a hysterical element to each performance.

During Josh Gad’s warm-up, he sang “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” The mic delivered a chipmunk voice that Alvin would have approved, and Jimmy and the audience busted up into serious laughter as Gad continued his heartfelt performance.

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The skit culminated into an iconic duet that is truly unforgettable. With a touch of T-Pain and chipmunks, this duet will officially be considered legendary for years to come.


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